Business Cards and Brochures

Executive Cheff, Alejandro Kakias.
The design is fresh and clean, showing glimpse of some tasty Mediterranean principal ingredients

Bien al Sur, Travel Agency specializes in South American tours.
The star of this design is the bold color and the classic composition

A simple and effective idea, use the translator's universe for a personal presentation

Imagine Robert De Niro eating in your restaurant?
Casa Mia Trattoria is an Italian cuisine restaurant in the heart of Banfied, Buenos Aires.

If you work with electricity, you'll want people to notice an effective design utilizingn a sober color and a distinct typography

The French pianist Simon Bensaid chose this design to show his personality as a piano teacher

Some "technological" layers were chosen for International Legal Group, in this business card

Front and Back: a black and white design was made for this brochure

Inside: a simple idea to show the elegance and taste of this piano player

Triptych: Sermatel is a cable company who chose a modern look and bright colors

Inside, charts and tables stole the scene

Back and Front: the elegance of an old building, the bright green and blue and the logo are the primal elements in this brochure

Inside: the information is organized in a circular way, following the shape of the logo